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(250) StopTopps: The Drink Spiking Prevention Sticker

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Protect Yourself: StopTopps is an innovative disposable drink lid that uses a proprietary hygienic approved adhesive to stick on and cover most cups & glasses. These foil stickers come unpackaged on a sheet. Just rip a few off the sheet for you and your friends to take on your night out!

How it Works: Simply peel the sticker off the sheet, place them on top of your cup/glass and pop in a straw! StopTopps fit on solo cup sized cups/glasses and smaller.

Fits Most Cups & GlassesStopTopps fit on all solo cup sized cups/glasses and smaller.

Disclaimer: This product contains adhesive. The StopTopps sticker can deter drink spiking in many instances. However, this product does not guarantee your safety. Always buy your own drink and do not leave unattended.