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(8) NightCap Beer Can Cooler Cover Gift Pack

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Includes (8) NightCap® Beer Can Cooler Cover

Protect Yourself: The NightCap® NightCap Beer Can Cooler Cover is a patent pending insulated beer cooler with a zippered lid. This lid prevents pills, powders, and liquids from being dropped into your drink while also keeping it cold! Headed outdoors? This beer cooler is also great for keeping out bugs and sand at the beach.

How it Works: Simply put the drink in the cooler and zip it up when you’re not drinking to keep the cold in and anything unwanted out.

Disclaimer: The NightCap® Beer Can Cooler Cover can deter drink spiking in many instances. However, this product does not guarantee your safety. Always buy your own drink and do not leave unattended.

**Not intended for skinny cans